Margaret Sanger, "San Antonio Light Interview," 09 Nov 1931.

Source: " "New Thinking of Younger Generation Praised,", The San Antonio Light, Nov. 9, 1931, p. 1."


Definition of the American younger generation as the avenue to a solution of problems that have been ignored by puritanical older people, was made by Margaret Sanger, birth control crusader, who will lecture on the subject before the San Antonio Open Forum Monday night.

Mrs. Sanger, in her suite at the Gunter hotel Monday morning, said:

“The younger generation has done away with hypocrisy. They are directing a new manner of thinking towards morals in the right way. They are unconsciously pioneers in their insensate desire for knowledge, their frank talk, and their frank lives.”

She defined the widespread youthful revolt against prohibition as a normal reaction to the lack of satisfactory food for spiritual hungers:

“The determined desire many youths have for strong drink without gaiety, with real appreciation for taste, is owing to the fact that they have nothing to fight for. Everything has been won. The worst has been laid at their feet. Then, too, they are fearless experimenters. There is a courage about their lives.”

Connecting her subject with the problems of poverty, Mrs. Sanger said that if the billions of dollars used for charitable work within the last 10 years had been directed to wiping out the slums by scientific methods such as birth control and recreational facilities, the United States would today be closer to solving its tenement problems.

Speaking of the large foreign population of San Antonio, Mrs. Sanger said:

“Wherever the foreigners are isolated in sections, left to devise a social system complete and segregated, left to breed without control, they haven’t the standards necessary to limit disease and poverty. The existence of a slum district in any city is caused by the lackadaisical attitude of the more normally situated natives.”

Mrs. Sanger remarked briefly on organized opposition to her beliefs in most of the cities on her lecture tour, and lamented opposition to free discussion of knowledge and beliefs.

She said:

“Any opposition who may disagree in an opinion has the right to adhere to their beliefs, and make reasonable statements of opposition. An effort to restrict free discussion or public argument is the wrong way to impose their tenets on other people.

“It is encouraging to see the development of open forums in Texas. There is no activity which makes more for liberal and progressive thinking. It is regrettable that there should be an organized opposition to the free expression found in them.”

Mrs. Sanger pointed out that at her birth control clinic in New York more than 25,000 women had received advice and treatment within the last five years, and that one-third were Protestants, one-third Catholics, and one-third Jews. She said:

“The day has gone when we can expect people to live by the attitudes of the Middle Ages. Science is here to help solve some of the problems of humanity. Birth control is one way of solving a very old problem.”

Mrs. Sanger’s lecture will be given at the municipal auditorium at 8:30 p.m. Monday. She is the second Open Forum lecturer of the season.

She was honored with a luncheon at the St. Anthony Hotel Monday noon by officers and directors of the forum. She came to this city from Houston, where a crowd 4,000 people attended her lecture there on the same subject, “Birth Control.”

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