Margaret Sanger, "American Women's Association Clubhouse Remarks," 14 Apr 1931.

Source: " Hails Church Move for Birth Control, New York Times, Apr. 14, 1931."

Sanger's speech to more than 400 at the American Women's Association Clubhouse was not found, but press coverage provides some excerpts. Henry Pratt Fairchild also spoke at the event. Ida Haar Timme presided over the meeting.

Hails Church Move for Birth Control

“I have often felt sad about one aspect of Christianity since it dawned upon me that it had set the clock of women’s progress back for centuries,” Mrs. Sanger said. “Now with the amend made by the Federal Council of Churches, woman has achieved justice at length through the recognition of birth control as a means of making happier homes and happier marriages. I believe that every woman’s organization in the country should give thanks for the forward stand taken by the council looking toward woman’s freedom and women’s progress.” She went on to assert that the government should “offer a life pension to every feeble-minded person who would consent to be sterilized.”

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