Margaret Sanger, "Comments at Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau Tea," 26 Mar 1931.

Source: " 200 Hear Mrs. Sanger, New York Times, Mar. 26, 1931."

200 Hear Mrs. Sanger

She Discusses Birth Control Clinic Before Social Workers

"About 200 social workers from the staffs of hospitals, child welfare organizations, settlement and neighborhood houses attended a tea yesterday afternoon at the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau, 17 West Sixteenth Street, to hear addresses by Mrs. Margaret Sanger, director of the bureau, and Dr.Hannah M. Stone, its medical director.

“Many families who have been on the records of welfare associations for years have been so helped after visiting our clinic that they no longer need agency aid,” Mrs. Sanger told the workers. “Much money, time, and unhappiness could be saved if families were given birth control information when first contacted by welfare workers.”

"Many workers said they had previously refrained from visiting the clinic because they were uncertain of its legal status.

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