Margaret Sanger, "Illinois Birth Control League Talk," 30 Apr 1929.

Source: " Plans New Drive for Birth Control, Waterloo Evening Courier, Apr. 30, 1929 Mrs. Sanger Says Forces Are Gaining, Billings Gazette, Apr. 30, 1929."

Sanger's speech before the Illinois Birth Control League at the Chicago Women's Club was not found, newspaper coverage has been provided.

Plans New Drive for Birth Control

April 30 Chicago

Mrs. Margaret Sanger in a talk today before the Illinois Birth Control league of the Chicago Woman’s club here, will open a campaign for extension of birth control clinics and a more lenient attitude toward dissemination of information.

Before leaving the city, she said, she will devote time to active organization work, and plans to carry her campaign to the Pacific coast.

Her activities came as an aftermath of the police raid and arrests are her New York clinic.

Mrs. Sanger Says Forces Are Gaining

Crime, overpopulation, and disease would be checked by scientific birth control, Mrs. Margaret Sanger noted birth control advocate, said here Tuesday.

Mrs. Sanger opened her midwestern campaign for amendment of the federal laws prohibiting the spread of contraceptive information with a speech before the Illinois Birth Control league and representatives of the Brush Foundation for the Study of Birth Control at Cleveland.

“In the five years we have been conducting clinics in New York,” she said, “we have cared for 13,000 women and we know we have saved 90 percent of them from death.”

Cites Alleged Good

“We have reduced maternal and infant mortality by insisting on a three-year interval between children, and thus relieved the crowding of homes.”

Mrs. Sanger denounced the prosecution of Mrs. Mary Ware Dennett, grandmother-author of a sex book, who was fined $300 by a New York judge.

“All New York is indignant about Mrs. Dennett’s trial,” she declared. “Her pamphlet has been used by religious organizations for 10 years. The Union Theological seminary, the Young Woman’s Christian association and the Young Men’s Christian association have been using it as textbook.”

Mrs. Sanger plans to organize a committee of 1,000 here to work for amendment of the federal penal code provisions in regard to birth control.

Sees Progress

“Chicago has five birth control clinics and will eventually be a greater field for our work than New York,” she predicted. “This city, with its large population of mixed nationalities, needs scientific birth control.

“Under the present penal code even a reputable doctor may not legally furnish information or advice on this important matter. In 10 years, however, the government will be organizing birth control clinics as an essential part of the program of material and infant welfare.”

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