Margaret Sanger, "Chicago Interview," 22 Apr. 1917.

Source: " Birth Control Clinic Here, Sanger Plan, Chicago Daily Tribune, Apr. 22, 1917, p. 9."

Birth Control Clinic Here, Sanger Plan

Mrs. Margaret Sanger, birth control advocate, who recently spent thirty days in a New York jail for disseminating forbidden literature, is seriously considering establishing a birth control clinic in the stockyards district and making Chicago the national headquarters for the birth control propaganda throughout the United States. She arrived here yesterday and found already 200 letters from Chicagoans asking for the information which she is ready to give.

"Chicago, it seems, more than any other city wants this information,” said Mrs. Sanger. “The deeply appealing human need expressed in these letters is one of the most touching things I have ever known. And there are so many letters."

Chicago the Logical Place.

“I feel that Chicago is the logical headquarters because Chicago is the most democratic city I know, and this is distinctly a democratic movement."

"There is great opposition to having New York the center, for birth control is considered a pink tea movement there, since so many society women have ‘taken it up.’ The people naturally do not want it to be placed in the hands of women with lorgnettes, who will make it an affair of class and will ask so many questions before they are willing to give out the information that it will be too late to do any good.”

Mrs. Sanger, herself the mother of two boys, considers birth control the only real propaganda for patriotism and preparedness.

Stock-Taking in Nation.

“If conscription goes through,” she said, “we shall have a stock-taking of our national fitness, and get some statistics which will be rather startling, I fancy. How long will it be before we realize the necessity for bearing only those children who can properly be supported, instead of continuing as we are now doing, producing families of degenerates, who are of no use to themselves or any one else. If people will only realize that I do not preach abortion they would accept the idea, I am sure.

“This distinction is to be the subject of my Sunday afternoon lecture.”

In addition to this afternoon’s lecture at the Strand theater there will be another talk in the evening, and a lecture on Tuesday afternoon, which both men and women will attend. Mrs. Edward Bemis of 4818 Sheridan Road will introduce Mrs. Sanger.

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