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Margaret Sanger, "Introduction for Charles Francis Potter," 6 Dec 1924.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of CongressLibrary of Congress Microfilm 130:704."

Sanger gave this introduction at a birth control meeting at Carnegie Hall in New York City. See her opening remarks and her introductions for James F. Cooper , Dorothy Bocker and I. N. Thurman .For draft versions see Library of Congress Microfilm 131:58A and 60A.

If any of your have tried to discuss the subject of birth control with friends, relatives or others you have no doubt found as all of us have that the one crutch the opposition leans upon is the immorality of birth control. They claim that knowledge of birth control means immorality not only outside of marriage but within marriage as well. We have been very fortunate to get the Potter, Charles Francis>clergymen of the West Side Unitarian Church whose study in the ethics of this subject will answer that perennial questions for us. I am glad to introduce to you the Rev. Charles Francis Potter.

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