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Margaret Sanger, "Short Pieces from the April 1914 WOMAN REBEL," Apr 1914.

Source: " Woman Rebel, Apr. 1914, p. 11 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Collected Documents Series C16:0525."


Catherine B. Davis, Commissioner of Correction for New York City, stated that a very serious cause of a girl becoming a prostitute was "her great desire for the good things of life which is far in advance of her capability to earn them..." Consequently, Catherine is considering building a structure large enough to house 14,000 prostitutes, where their natural desires shall be elevated to loftier ones, such as potato peeling, scrubbing floors, dish washing, etc. Thus will the Social Evil vanish!


Beatrice Forbes-Robertson Hale said at a debate on feminism that she knew of only two feminists who advocated free love and unmarried motherhood, and that they were not suffragists, but anarchists. What a limited knowledge of women Mrs. Hale has! Perhaps after all self respect and morality are confined to the anarchist women!

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