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Margaret Sanger, "Hunting Big Game," May 1914.

Source: " The Woman Rebel, May 1914, p. 23 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Collected Documents Series, C16:537."


Mr. Edward M. Barrow's report on the children of the city streets informs us that 12,000 of them are arrested every year in New York City alone. The crime of the children consists of playing in the streets. The business of corralling the children and imprisoning them is growing every year. With the building of new prisons and reformatories and increasing the number of well-paid probation officers and investigators and other respectable meddlers, perhaps the city officials may be able to increase this number to 24,000 in a year or two. It is a great business, this one of running down the kids, and gives a lot of people who might otherwise be idle something interesting and humanitarian to do!

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