Margaret Sanger, "Soldiers and Prostitution," May 1914.

Source: " The Woman Rebel, May 1914, p. 21 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Collected Documents Serie,s C16:0535."


The boy who longs for the uniform of the soldier, the brass buttons and sword dangling at his side; the white-plumed cockade, the epaulettes and all the parading up and down with protruding chest in the well-fitting costume of the soldier, is only a counterpart of the girl who longs for pretty colored ribbons, fluffy lace, bangle, beads and bracelets, who sells her body for these.

She at least injures none other than herself, but not so the boy. He might be content parading in his new possessions and satisfying that adolescent developing character in himself, but the master class knows Nature well. They place in his hands the gun together with the "flag," and, inspired by the spirit of a pseudo patriotism, he marches on to new lands for adventures.

The adolescent boy dreams of adventures and achievements--and falls into the bloody trench of war.

Both are victims of a cruel system of ignorance and greed.

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