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Margaret Sanger, "Save Rangel Cline et al from "Texas Justice"," Jul 1914.

Source: " Woman Rebel, July 1914, p. 40 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Collected Documents Series C16:0554."


The I. W. W., labor and radical organizations and groups everywhere are showing their solidarity by combining for the defense of Rangel, Cline, Alzade, Cisneros and our other ten comrades now undergoing trial for their activity in the cause of industrial freedom. Money has been collected, but more is needed, for 'justice' is expensive, though not so dear in Texas but that Labor cannot afford to "buy" and effect the liberation of our comrades. So send in your contributions to the Rangel-Cline Defense Committee, Financial Secretary, Victor Cravello, Room 108, Labor Temple, Los Angeles, California.

The reversal of the brutal sentence of fifteen years in the penitentiary passed on Leonardo Vasquez and the granting of a new trial is encouraging. All that is needed now in order that our comrades may be saved from the gallows or the penitentiary is one final rally of a united working class, to enforce their acquittal.

Make your protest heard by the Texan Governor, Oscar B. Colquitt, Austin, Texas. Remember that our exploiters are crazy for the blood of all who rebel against their authority and their system of ownership, and now more than ever before it is necessary to press home to the masters our solidarity and determination to take that justice into our own hands which they and their class deny to all industrial workers.

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