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Margaret Sanger, "Short Pieces from the August 1914 WOMAN REBEL ," Aug 1914.

Source: " The Woman Rebel, Aug. 1914, p. 48 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Collected Documents Series C16:0562."


Imprisoned Comrades of the working class have been saved again and again from the clutches of the monster Capitalism, but from the turn the trials have taken in the Rangel-Cline case those of us on the outside will have to awaken to our consciousness and act without delay if those boys are to be saved.

Fourteen of our boys have been in jail in Texas for more than a year, several of them have been tried and have received the following sentences: J. Gonzales, 99 years; L. Vasquez who has been sentenced to serve fifteen years, appealed his case and the decision was reversed by the Texas Court of Appeals, AND TEN MORE YEARS WERE ADDED TO HIS SENTENCE.

How is this for Justice for the workers? J. A. Serrato, 25 years; L. Gonzales, 6 years; and M. P. Martinez, 12 years. What Rangel, Cline and the other boys not yet tried will get one can almost predict, unless SOMETHING DEFINITE and SPECIFIC is acted upon at once.

Get into communication at once with Victor Cravello, Room 108, Los Angeles, Cal., and save these boys.


What is wrong with Germany's four or five million Socialists?

The answer is plain. Germany represents Autocracy and Imperialism. No matter how strong the Socialist movement may be in Germany, it has proved its shallowness and weakness in the present crisis. German Socialists ought to learn that Socialism under an Imperialistic Monarchy is a farce--a parody of the Revolutionary movement. Small wonder, then, that our feelings and sympathies must be with the French who have always labored champions of human liberty.

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