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Margaret Sanger, "Food and Love," Apr 1914.

Source: " The Woman Rebel, April 1914, p. 15 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Collected Documents Series C16:0529."


Sixty years ago George Drysdale, one of the great pioneers in the fight for sexual freedom, put the central problem of the workers in the following form:

The hopes of man lie in a nutshell. They are all comprehended in this question of questions--IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE BOTH FOOD AND LOVE? Is it possible that each individual among us can have a due share of food, love and leisure? In other words, is it possible to reconcile the antagonism of the two laws of nature, and to escape from the horrors of mutual destruction?

"I firmly believe that it is perfectly possible, and that this greatest of human difficulties has only to be clearly perceived and determinedly approached to be ultimately overcome. But it is evident at the outset that the means by which this is to be effected, must be very different from any that have been hitherto tried, since all these have been so utterly inadequate. It is evident that it can be by no slight palliative measures, such as have hitherto been resorted to and which have all been rendered abortive that any real improvement can be effected; but we must go to the true root of the matter, which a sexual one, and that some great radical change in the sexual life and opinions of mankind is required before it is possible to escape from these evils..."

"The means I speak of, the only possible means by which the virtue and progress of mankind are rendered possible, is preventive sexual intercourse."

"By this is meant sexual intercourse, where precautions are used to prevent impregnation. In this way love would be obtained without entailing upon us the want of food and leisure by overcrowding the population."

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