Margaret Sanger, "World Builders?," Apr 1914.

Source: " The Woman Rebel, Apr. 1914, p. 15 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Collected Documents Series C16:529."


Floyd Dell has evidently done his best to make his ten representative feminist world builders as harmless as possible. Some of them could never be anything else. Among the women whom the author gowns with the grace of his courteous rhetoric are Ellen Key, Margaret D. Robins, Beatrice Webb, Olive Schreiner, Isadora Duncan, Emmeline Pankhurst (not Christabel or Sylvia), Jane Addams, and of course, Charlotte Perkins Gilman. That these eight are all feminists, none will deny. That any of them are world builders is a debatable question.

The other two types, Emma Goldman and Dora Marsden, whom Dell deals with, are forces rather than feminists. But we read with astonishment that Emma Goldman shuns violence in her fight for freedom; that the Anarchists have lost influence in the labor movement and are a negligible factor, and that secret organizations of Anarchists plotting a violent overthrow of government "do not exist" and never have existed. Since when has Emma Goldman ceased to advocate violence and revolution as the only means to overthrow the murderous and mischievous rule of plutocracy? And has Floyd ever heard of Bakunin, Michel or Malatesta? Does he know anything of their activities?

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