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Margaret Sanger, "Editorial on "The Militants in England"," Jul 1914.

Source: " The Woman Rebel, July 1914, p. 35 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Collected Documents Series C16:0549."

For initial article, see "The Militants in England," June 1914.


On another page of this paper appears a letter from our English Comrade, Rose Witcop, in answer to an article in the June issue on "The Militants in England."

In reply to this letter I would point out that the sympathy and admiration I have shown for the Militants is not because of petty persecutions they have suffered, but in their revolt against sex subjugation, and their militant, courageous attitude in demanding the vote, not because it is necessarily a weapon against sex subjugation. They demand this recognition of the principal of political equality because it has been denied them by men on account of sex.

Conflicting views held by the Militants as to the utility of political action, socialism, anarchism, free love, etc., have really little to do with the issue, which is essentially a revolt of a few women against an age long sex subjugation.

What will come out of militancy will not be reflected in the attainment of the right to vote but in the control and freedom women will obtain over their bodies. To the extent that militancy succeeds in arousing "married" women to a realization of their subservience and implants in them and their children the ideal of a new erotic ethic, to that extent will militancy in England have shown itself to be a revolution. That the militants in England are doing this, consciously or unconsciously, is unquestionable, and the most daring of them have been impelled to action by outraged feelings which have awakened their womanhood and inspired them with an extraordinary and amazing courage.

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