Margaret Sanger, "The Birth Control League," Jul 1914.

Source: " The Woman Rebel, July 1914, p. 39 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Collected Documents Series C16:0553."


The recently organized and much needed Birth Control League of Americahas for its aim as follows:

1. To carry on an extensive, nationwide campaign of education, of literature, to prove to the workers that it is to their interests to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the means for regulating the size of their families.

2. To agitate most vigorously for the repeal of the state and federal laws against the spreading of knowledge relative to methods for the prevention of conception.

3. To render all possible aid to those who are prosecuted under these laws, and to bring their cases to the attention of the entire thinking world.

The headquarters of the league will be in New York City, while autonomous locals will be organized all over the country to carry on the propaganda.

Suffragettes, feminists and all women's organizations, will never make much progress, until they recognize the fact that women cannot be on an equal footing with men until they have full and complete control of their reproductive functions.

We are anxious to hear all advocates of woman's emancipation, in connection with the question raised above.

We want the help and co-operation of all enlightened women--mothers and potential mothers,--who see the danger and criminality of reckless and indiscriminate child-bearing--women who are not afraid to learn the physiology and hygiene of their own bodies.

The membership dues are $1.50 a year, but additional contributions for a literature and campaign fund are badly needed.

Address all letters and contributions to the Secretary, Otto Bobsien, 75 East 120th St., New York City.

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