Margaret Sanger, "Are Preventive Means Injurious?," July 1914.

Source: " The Woman Rebel,July 1914, p. 40 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Collected Documents Series C16:0554."


It is often asked by those interested in the control of offspring whether the use of preventive means does not injure the health. According to investigations carried on among physicians in Paris, the families who average about two children each and who have practiced and used preventative means have certainly not found the means harmful.

The people of each country have found means of prevention differing from those used in other countries. The people in this country shall soon demand such knowledge just as they do preventive medicine and anti-toxins, and open discussion of these means. To-day the women and men of the middle and upper classes certainly use preventives, the death rate among them is proportionately small. It is the working class who do not use these means that fill the hospitals of the country as well as the grave-yards.

There is greater harm being done today where women, only half and poorly informed, use strong solutions, which are often injurious to the delicate membranous linings of the generative organs.

There are, however, harmless preventives, which, when used, have a temporary effect, and when the woman later desires a child she will be in condition to have one.

These are the sane measures to be advanced; and the stupidity of Comstock as well as the "morality" of the Post Office censors, shall never prevent your knowing these preventive means or in passing on this knowledge to your shop mate; for every time you place such information into the hands of your fellow-workers, you are building the foundation of a clean and intelligent society.

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