Margaret Sanger, "Confiscated," Aug 1914.

Source: " The Woman Rebel, Aug. 1914, p. 48 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Collected Documents Series C16:0562."


Once again I must announce that another issue of the WOMAN REBEL has been debarred from transmission by the Post Officeauthorities, and all the copies found in the mails have been CONFISCATED.

That will account for the loss of your July number, if you did not get it.

It will be interesting to learn just what article in the July issue was considered OBSCENE. My suspicions are that it was one of two articles. One an excellent and scientific DEFENCE OF ASSASSINATION, by Herbert A. Thorpe of which only one half was published in the July issue and the remaining part following later. The other was an editorial "ARE PREVENTIVE MEANS INJURIOUS?" written in answer to the many questions I have received on this subject.

Both are questions which should be openly discussed, and through which enlightenment may be gained.

The farce of Freedom of Speech is being forcibly recognized on Blackwell's Island where Becky Edelsohn is resisting an unjust imprisonment for speaking the truth about the Mexican war. The farce of Freedom of Press is again being demonstrated by the three suppressions of the WOMAN REBEL within five months.

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