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Margaret Sanger, "The War's Lesson," Aug 1914.

Source: " The Woman Rebel, Aug. 1914, p. 48 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Collected Documents Series C16:0562."


If this European war does not convince the workers of the absolute necessity of SOLIDARITY, if this thrilling slaughter does not show working women that they must control the true destinies of a newer Civilization not based on Murder, then there is no reason for any revolutionary movement at all. We are hearing much cant and hypocrisy these days about peace and anti-militarism. The truth is that we do not want peace based on inevitable and certain Murder, on potential warfare. We are glad to witness the collapse of a hypocritical Civilization that can end only in whole-sale Murder.

Exponents of birth-control have long pointed out why nations need men--why rulers need them. Now every woman can see this in the savage slaughter of the children she brings into the world.

The war is good. No better education could be given the workers.

After the tumult and the murder ceases, workers will realize to what ends availed their slavish toil--what was the aim of this flamboyant civilization. Comrades killed, life made even more precarious, the burden of it all on the shoulders of working men and women.

The war is good. It is a challenge to the working class. It is a challenge we cannot avoid. It proves the murderous insanity of present day barbarism. Let us accept the challenge, and begin a new era at once.

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