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Margaret Sanger, "Blood and Oil," May 1914.

Source: " The Woman Rebel, May 1914, p. 17 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Collected Documents Series C16:0531."


VOL. I. May, 1914. NO. 3.

Huerta, the murderer of Madero and the minion of capital, has proven a failure. This is the main reason why Mexico, the great oil country, into which millions of dollars haven been sunk by the investors of America and Europe, is now to be invaded and "pacified" by the workers of the United States.

Because, owing to the successes of the peons and of the social revolutionists, the title deeds of William R. Hearst are now so much waste paper; because the oil industry, the copper and other industries of Mexico are endangered, and because certain fusillades and cannonades did not take place in honor of 'the flag'--whatever that may be--we and the Mexican people are now bidden to rush at each other like wild beasts and rip up each others' bellies.

And this startling order, issued in accordance with the supposed public opinion of the United States and of other civilized countries, is coolly repeated in every Liberal and advanced organ of the Press as well as by the leading prelates of the Catholic and other Christian Churches.

Because, moreover, in the last 104 years, the Mexican people have been enslaved, terrorized, brutalized, tortured, maimed and murdered under the iron rule of sixty-one successive dictators; because they have endured no less than 253 revolutions in that period of time, we are now bidden to take part in plundering and murdering these people, already distracted by continual war and revolution.

Those who have devised and prepared for these plunders and murders and who are instigating us to quarrel with Mexico are doing so only in the interests of Capital, on behalf of the Oil Octopus and for the legalized banditti who control the industries of Mexico. The insolence of these imposters has now reached its extremist development, for they form but an insignificant minority who live in luxury and idleness upon our labor.

Comrades, the deluded men now being rushed to fight the Mexican people to indulge in savagery and killing, are as truly fighting in the interests of Hearst, Guggenheim and other magnates as the militia in Colorado are murdering women and children in the interests of Rockefeller.

The government which supinely tolerates the slaughter of our women and children in Colorado by the machine guns of the rapacious Rockefeller is the same government which now calls on you to exterminate the Mexican people in the interests of this Rockefeller and his accomplices.

Shall the workers of America join the ignorant and ignoble rabble who now seek to stamp out the flickering flames of liberty burning in Mexican breasts? Shall the republic that freed the negro from chattel slavery cynically struggle to maintain the equally degrading form of chattel slavery now rampant in Mexico?

Comrades and fellow-workers. The Cause for which the Mexican peons battle; their revolt against the iniquitous regime initiated by Porfirio Diaz and his imitator Huerta is the Cause of the working people against the tyranny of Capital. The revolutionary war now being fought by the peons is not for markets or for money, but for land and liberty. It is a social war, a war fought for the principle of liberty.

Hands off Mexico! Let the peons achieve their emancipation from chattel slavery! On with the Social Revolution!

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