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Margaret Sanger, "Women and Capitalism," Dec 1913.

Source: " Conservator, Dec. 1913, p. 145."

This statement was published in The Conservator, a radical literary monthly edited by Horace Traubel.

It is impossible to separate the ignorance of parents, prostitution, venereal diseases, or the silence of the medical profession, from the great economic question that the world is facing today. It is here ever before us, and the more we look into the so-called evils of the day the more we realize that the whole structure of present-day society is built upon a rotten and decaying foundation. Until capitalism is swept away, there is no hope for young girls to live a beautiful life during their girlhood. There is no hope for boys or girls to build up strong and sturdy bodies. There is no hope that a woman can live in the family relation and have children without sacrificing every vestige of individual development. There is no hope that prostitution will cease as long as there is hunger. There is no hope for a strong race as long as venereal diseases exist. And they will exist until women rise in one big sisterhood to fight this capitalist society which compels a woman to serve as a sex implement for man's use. Education is necessary—-education is the need of the people. For this will soon enable one to see that knowledge alone does not suffice, but that it is only through economic security that the man and the woman will emerge in a future civilization.


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