Margaret Sanger, "What Is the Greatest Need Now in the Sex Life of the Nation?," Dec 1926.

Source: " The Greenwich Village Quill, Dec. 1926."

Part of a themed issue on "Sex Needs," Sanger's response was the first published. Other responses were published by various authors in this volume.

What Is the Greatest Need Now in the Sex Life of the Nation?

A Symposium

By Margaret Sanger

The greatest need in the sex life of the nation is ADULT sex instruction.

Volumes have been written on sex instruction for children while adults must flounder about for sane instruction or assume they know it all.

Plain physiological facts are essential and necessary for adults. Each day brings me letters from hundreds of men and women showing the need for the simplest and plainest instruction about the sex functions.

(In the letter that accompanied this answer by Margaret Sanger, there is one sentence we cannot refrain from quoting, “Of course I want laws changed; but ye gods! The plainest facts of life are unknown to millions of people; there is no sex vocabulary known because of colossal ignorance.” - Asso. Ed.)

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