Margaret Sanger, "Statement on Overpopulation in Europe," 15 Mar 1928.

Source: " "Says Europe's Future Lies in Birth Control", New York Times, Mar. 15, 1928, p. 17."

Says Europe's Future Lies in Birth Control

Europe has become so over-populated that within ten years it must either recognize the necessity for birth control or it will burst its confines and become involved in a chaos of food riots and war, according to Margaret Sanger, birth control advocate, who returned home on the Isle de France. Mrs. Sanger spent two years in Europe lecturing and organizing the Population Conference at Geneva.

“The over-populated condition of Europe is fast becoming acute,” Mrs. Sanger said yesterday, “especially because of our restrictions on immigration. Italy, Germany, Poland and some other countries are particularly cross at us because of the immigration ban. Italy, the greatest foe of birth control in all Europe, is overpopulated.” Because she traveled under her second husband’s name. Mrs. M. S. Slee, Mrs. Sanger was not found by ship news reporters. She was interviewed late in the afternoon at headquarters of the American Birth Control League, 104 Fifth Avenue.

“Birth control in Europe was born of an economic necessity,” Mrs. Sanger said. “Here in America it is recognized chiefly as a health measure. The greatest progress is being made in England, where the movement started. There birth control information can be distributed without conflicting with the law. Of course most physicians in England are still afraid to dispense such information because they fear they will lose their ‘grants.’ The Scandinavian countries and Germany are also becoming organized.”

The fight here, Mrs. Sanger said, will be concurrent with the Birth Control bill introduced in the Legislature last month. A group of women’s clubs and other organizations have signified their intention to support it, she declared.

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