Margaret Sanger, "Birth Control A Parents' Problem or Woman's?," Nov 1918.

Source: " Birth Control Review, Nov. 1918, p. 7."

Margaret Sanger published this short note beneath a letter to the editor written by "M. B. H." asking "Don't you think you over emphasize the woman's side of the problem to the exclusion of the man's?. . . . Shouldn't the instruction in methods of Birth control be given to men and more stress laid upon appealing to them to take this responsibility?"For Sanger's views views, see "A Parents' Problem or Women's?," Birth Control Review, Mar. 1919.

Birth Control A Parents' Problem or Woman's?

We publish this letter from "M. B. H." because it raises a question bearing immediately upon the direction which the Birth Control movement is to take.

We are well aware that there is a wide difference of opinion upon this matter. My own convictions are very decided. I would like before expressing them, however, to give an opportunity to others who may have something to say on the subject.

We will, therefore, devote a page of the next issue of The Birth Control Review to this discussion. Please make your letters as short as possible, so that everyone may have a hearing. In the issue following the publication of the letters, I hope to state my own views.

M. H. S.

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