Margaret Sanger, "Reincarnation," Dec 1960.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Lampe Papers, Privately held. Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm, Collected Documents Series C16:1048."

No published version was found. A note at the bottom, written by Margaret Sanger Marston Lampe, reads: "From Mimi, Dec. 1960."


Reincarnation briefly is the teaching that each soul goes through many lives on this Earth-Plane, and so adapted to its needs, that each affords new lessons, and new opportunities for Growth and Development. In the periods between Incarnations, the Soul is on the Cosmic Plane. Less developed Souls spend this period in a dream state, others as they Progress, spend more and more time in Conscious Work and Growth. As the end of its Cycle approaches the soul is drawn again to earth, entering the body of a new born child with the first breath the infant takes. The time and place are such as yet afford this Soul the lessons it needs to learn in its progress back to the First Cause from which it came. There is no other logical reason that can be given, considering the Universe as ruled by Law and Order, by a God of Love, which will explain the inequalities in the lives we see all around us. Some have Wealth, Health, Happiness thrust upon them, others through no fault of their own, apparently, have suffering, and sorrow, misery poverty, and disease as their lot.

Again there is the apparent futility, of life with its lessons, if just as we have learned something of them, we die and pass onto a place called Heaven, where the things we have learned are of no further use to us; I am giving you briefly, short sketches of the various ideas presented, and I want you to ponder long and earnestly over the subject until you work it out in your mind, with the aid of the help that will come to you as you sit in your Sanctum and mediate upon it.

Reincarnation is a logical explanation of earthly conditions, and the inequalities we find. If we know that each Soul has lived many lives on this Plane and that it has failed to learn many lessons it should have learned, then we see why the Eternal Law of Compensation demands Justice. We see that the Soul which expresses cruelty is brought again and again into conditions which will, through its own suffering, teach it the lesson of Love and Kindness. And so like little children, when the day is done at school, we go home and come again in the morning--some to take up the new lessons, and some who have failed yesterday find a new chance is given to them to review the old work, and finally they, too, pass on to other work. Humanity learned in the past through misery and suffering brought upon them by their infraction of the Law; now some are learning from the experience of others, thus avoiding much of the penalty they could otherwise bring upon themselves. As the Souls in the Cosmic feel the first influx of Negative Matter and sink slowly earthward for another experience on this Plane, it is a kindly Law that drugs the senses, so they lose memory of that Cosmic World they are leaving for a time, and are thus free and unhindered to take up the lessons before them.

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