Margaret Sanger, "Book Review of THE AGE OF REASON," Jul 1928.

Source: " Birth Control Review, July 1928, p. 218."


“The Age of Reason” is a delightful book. Every chapter leaves you thinking, guessing, pondering, until the end when it finishes with a masterly climax. Many references to Birth Control are made throughout in a friendly spirit.

The book brings your thinking up-to-date, and presents you with charming characters who fascinate as well as irritate.

Those with a scientific trend of thought will enjoy is fully, but it is good reading for all. The conflict of science and religion goes on in a family of biologists, the father of which is married to the daughter of a clergyman.


The Age of Reason, Sir Phillip Gibbs, $2.50, Doubleday, Doran and Company, Garden City, New York, published June 29.

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