Margaret Sanger, "The Paradise of Communism," 27 Jan 1951.

Source: " Arizona Daily Citizen, Jan. 27, 1951 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Collected Documents Series C16:430."

This article was published as a guest editorial.

The Paradise of Communism

By Margaret Sanger Slee

Only a few years ago the peoples of Europe and America, almost for the first time in history, believed, in fact were confident that through united world effort an enduring peace could be achieved. But today the world is swept by fears, hatreds, confusion and the possibility of the most brutal war which in the near future may wipe out our civilization. But even during those years when nations were hoping, dreaming and planning for world peace; there were forces at work (invisible but basic human forces) that had made wars past and present and will make future wars inevitable. The first and second world wars were really only phases of a struggle which has been in progress throughout the past 50 years. Those same forces of destruction which are still sweeping Europe and extended their power to Asia are taking and will continue to take lives of millions of our best, selected, healthy, brilliant, educated manhood into wars of destruction.

The causes of wars are manifold and diverse. There have been and still are wars of aggression and wars of defense. Motives have been hidden behind religious, dynastic interests; officials and military leaders who plunge nations and peoples into wars never or seldom state actual dynamic causes, such as population pressure. Rather do these dictators, despots and tyrants trump up motives usually of defense for which tens of thousands will be slain and cities sacked and destroyed. The sordid motives of economic rivalry and markets for world trade access to waterways and colonies for surplus populations are seldom the leads to inflame masses into action. Rather do the diplomats manipulate reasons of Idealistic Religious motives as more worthy and righteous and the sordid causes are kept in the background.

Germany was perhaps the exception in issuing warnings to the world from 1910 to 1914 that her population was increasing to the explosion point and that her needs of expansion were dominating her every political and economic move; that her strong, healthy, flourishing, increasing people required continual expansion and new territory for her surplus numbers.

Previous to 1914 the population of Europe from 1800 with 200 millions had increased to 600 million (a period of 70 years) even in spite of 50 millions emigrating to the new world. We have the example of the 70-year period exploding, through the dynamic power of fertility and population pressure into the First World War; such pressure continued to do its destruction on into the Second World War and its forces have not yet decreased in spite of millions of dead, mutilated and maimed in every country.

Germany, Italy and Japan were long known by scientists and demographers as the “high pressure” countries. Today, through wards, they are mainly laid in rubble and waste. New high pressure countries rise upon the international horizon: China, Russia, and India--all over-populated but illiterate and physically undernourished--lacking the energy and stamina to battle for their survival, or for higher standards of living (as the Germans, Japanese and Italians.)

These are the facts of history. Future historians will record them and wonder how jurists, statesmen, politicians who wrote and designed the Treaty of Versailles, also the Atlantic Charter culminating in both the League of Nations and the United Nations had been so ignorant of concrete realities; that having disarmed Germany, Italy and Japan, instead of providing a safety valve against the day when the population boiler would bubble and explode, they had either made provision for their expansion or insisted that they restrain their increasing fertility and birth rates to the territory assigned to them for voluntary population control and limitation was the best and most secure war debt the Allies and United Nations could have and should have demanded. The uncontrolled, prolific breeding among the hungry, working, laboring populations of the world is the Paradise of Communism. Without these millions communism can never exist.

The problems of population are numerous, but they can be solved. One of the solutions is the knowledge and practice of contraception. In this, the birth rate may be controlled or limited. Parents throughout the world would be benefited by limiting the size of the family and spacing each birth in accordance to the mother’s health, the father’s earning capacity and the standards of living they are able to maintain. Let us give proper information in regard to methods of birth control and Planned Parenthood. Tucson has for the past 10 years provided this information to parents at the Planned Parenthood Clinic, 28 East Corral st. The records give proof that this public utility has been of great service in the community and should be supported. They need $10,000.

This is a basic humane investment, an investment in health for the family and the community.

(Margaret Sanger Slee is the founder of the modern birth control movement.)

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