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Margaret Sanger, "Birth Control and the National Recovery," 15 Jan 1934.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College Margaret Sanger Microfilm, S71:0653."

For another version of this address, see Address of Welcome, Jan. 15, 1934. For newspaper coverage of Sanger's comments at this event, see Statement on the American Conference on Birth Control and National Recovery, Jan. 15, 1934.

I have the honor to open the American Conference on Birth Control and National Recovery which is held under the auspices of the National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control, Incorporated. This is the second National Birth Control Conference ever held in this country since the beginning of the movement in 1914,--while there have been 11 State Conferences, 6 Regional, besides 6 International Conferences all during these twenty years.

Thus we emerge into the Twentieth Anniversary of the B.C. Movement in this country which in a way is the Twentieth Anniversary of the R.C. Movement throughout the World.

Before 1914, the problem of population was recognized by a very few intelligent thinkers in Europe , especially in England but they had not brought the subject to the masses. The slogan was to “Educate the Educators” while the slogan of the modern B.C. Movement is to “Instruct the Masses”. We have gone a good way toward our goal it is true, and it is safe to say that the masses in this country at least are ready and desirous to receive the instruction when it is made available for their use. Laws are in the way to this objective.

We must enlighten our legislators to this effect. We are gathered here today--workers in the field from 25 States. Many of us believe that the advance of the B.C. Movement means the advance of our Civilization. That the direction this Movement takes from now on shall decide the future of our country’s welfare.

We are here to help and guide in this direction and to awaken a deeper interest in order to arouse public opinion. We are [page(s) missing] .

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