Margaret Sanger, "Pirated and Spurious Editions," Jun 1917.

Source: " The Birth Control Review June 1917, p. 6 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S70:789."

Pirated and Spurious Editions

It is a well-known fact that there have been many pamphlets written by me on which no copyright could be obtained. Under such circumstances it is to be expected that editions will be pirated and circulated. Recently several such editions have come to my attention. Also, several pamphlets are in circulation under my name, of which I am not the author, and which express ideas directly opposed to those I hold. There is no doubt that many, in reproducing my work, have the best intentions of forwarding the propaganda, and I would suggest for the benefit of all concerned that proofs of such material at least be submitted to me if my name is to be used in the future. Those wishing authentic copies of the books and pamphlets I have written should write to me or to my publisher, Max N. Maisel, 424 Grand Street, New York City.

--Margaret Sanger.

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