Margaret Sanger, " Hitler and World War II ," 1939.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S72:122."

No published version has been found; for earlier draft see Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S72:269. Handwritten additions by Margaret Sanger.

The first thing I want to say in relation to my attitude regarding the present War and World Peace is that before Hitler came into power in Germany I was one of the few Americans who joined the Anti-Nazi Committee and gave money, my name and any influence I had with writers and others, to combat Hitler's rise to power in Germany.

↑My attitude was open & above board as↓ my name was on the stationery and periodicals and leaflets which were distributed ↑by this Comm↓ over Germany, Scandinavia, England, and Italy and the United States.

By every means available this Committee tried to arouse the interest of England's Prime Minister and Press, to combat the advance of Nazism. They refused to print the warnings or to listen to the facts given until the Jewish bankers in Europe began to realize that Nazism was a twin sister to Communism as far as private property was concerned.

When Hitler got into the saddle and burned all books he considered (not immoral) but dangerous to the State, my three books were destroyed and have not been allowed to circulate in Germany. The publisher and translator were put into concentration camps and I have never heard of them since.

As soon as Hitler began his tirade against the Democracies, the Anti-Nazi Committee went underground and added to its program--"Anti-War and Anti-Nazi." This valiant little band of workers have endangered their lives again and again by daring to give out facts to the Press outside of Germany, but are constantly adding to their numbers in secret. Almost daily members of the original group must escape into other countries in order to avoid death and torture. It will be because of the work of this group any revolution in Germany must come. While I do not, and cannot, communicate directly with this underground group of valiant workers I hear in various ways and thru methods their activities, and continue to send contributions to help their work.

In the very earliest days of Hitler's power it was the women and men in the liberal and advanced thinking movements of which many were my friends whose work was destroyed, homes confiscated, they themselves either escaped, were put into concentration camps or met death. Women doctors at one time in the highest positions of medical science are today unknown and no one can account for what has happened to them. Germany has put the clock back ↑100 years↓ for the women of Germany and perhaps to a certain extent for the women of Europe.

These brief facts I set forth to say at the outset that what I say later is not based on my sympathy or approval of Nazi Germany.

Anyone who has watched the results of the last War, the World War, and the Peace of Versailles, must realize that war is not the best or even ↑most↓ strategic method of attaining the best results for our civilization. Year by year since 1918 there kept arising a conflict of national interests based upon entirely different ideals--(England and France viz. Germany, Italy, and Russia) interests that unless firmly defined and promptly dealt with by England and France were bound to result in another war--doubtless a World War. But Neville Chamberlain who was the spokesman for the Democracies and into whose hands we of the Western world trusted our Fate and future played, flirted, caressed and catered to the whims of Italy, and Germany, which they in turn (like the experienced prostitute cajoling an old, rich, fat, client) kept asking for more and more and still more until the turning point in September 1938 when Mr. Chamberlain surrendered the Peace of Europe and condemned the Democracies to War or oblivion. From the time that Chamberlain visited Hitler it was not possible to arrest the advance of Nazism by peaceful or diplomatic means because he is not the man to cope with Nazism or Fascism as he was caught in the net of their weaving "Anti-Communism."

England has noble traditions but by no means can we trust the future of our civilization to her diplomats. She has broken pledges which she must explain--Versailles 1916, Manchuria 1931. The pledges of her diplomats and statesmen like Balfour to Palestine, Simon and Manchuria--Hoare as well as Leval for France and their promises to Italy for her part in the war in 1915.

Then the promises of Great Britain to India, as well as the war debts to United States of America, I have not mentioned and I try to forget Great Britain's policy of non-intervention in Spain while she allowed Hitler and Mussolini to crush Republican Spain, the only country on earth today who has stood up with every man, woman and child to the brutal advance of Nazi and Fascist Europe.

The above is but a brief outline of the high spots no intelligent thinking person can forget. Perhaps were I in close touch with those who can explain the policy of Great Britain regarding these historical events I might be moved to say "Amen," but for the present I can only say I do not believe that the statesmen of England or France are any more righteous, noble honest, truthful or wise than the same gamesters in Germany, Italy or Russia. They are all playing a game with Nations as their pawns. I refuse to be pro-British, or pro-France, as I refuse to be pro-German or pro-Russian, or pro-anything, but a thinking, reasoning, human being whose nation is the World, and whose religion is Humanity.

We set apart and give power to a set of men called to represent a Nation. They are supposed to have greater ability and knowledge of international affairs than most of us, and it is to these men whom we trust to safeguard our liberties, independence and our National welfare. When these men or any set of men fail to live up to the trust imposed in them and ruthlessly plunge their own nation into war, regardless of warnings, then it seems to me such men or group of men should resign their positions over to others more representative of the peoples ideals.

I firmly believe that Europe will not have a just Peace until Germany gets rid of Hitler, but also shall Italy, England and France get rid of their own leaders whom History will certainly identify as War Lords.

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