Margaret Sanger, "The President's Message," Jan 1959.

Source: " Around the World News of Population and Birth Control, Jan. 1959, p. 1 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S72:982."

The President's Message

I send my greetings and best wishes for 1959 to all our friends and co-workers. As we begin this New Year, I survey the progress our movement has made around the world and find much to praise. Nations are making birth control services part of their National policy, and of their Public Health and Welfare programmes. Better methods of contraception, the birth control pill or tablet for oral use, and hormone contraceptives for injection are coming into widespread use. So I find many advances about which we all can be pleased.

While much remains to be done as our movement must reach out to every part of the world and take the family planning message and services to everyone, we have made many long steps forward since the term “birth control” first appeared in my publication of The Woman Rebel in 1914!

At this New Year's time, again let me express my gratitude to friends who have given me confidence and spiritual support in our movement, and let me wish for each one of you the best of success in your efforts for our cause and in your own personal endeavors.

Margaret Sanger

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