Margaret Sanger, "Book Review of PLENTY OF PEOPLE," Feb 1944.

Source: "Records of PPFA, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S72:379."

Handwritten additions by Margaret Sanger. No published version was found.

Margaret Sanger on "Plenty of People", the new book by Dr. Warren Thompson of the Scripps Foundation for Population Research

Here is a book that should be compulsory reading for every individual who sets forth to plan for or discuss the future of the world. Dr. Thompson effectively marshals fact upon fact to take the subject of population planning out of the never-never land and makes it as real and necessary as food and water. In showing that voluntary control of parenthood, through the spread of birth control knowledge, is one of the most strategic keys to open the door to a stable, happy and peaceful world, Dr. Thompson performs a great and urgent service. Any one who reads “Plenty of People” will be a wiser man when he puts it down.

↑I would say this & more! I have read it & it is not easy to read it becomes fascinating-- It should be placed as compulsory reading in every high school!!! MS↓

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