Margaret Sanger, "To Our Friends," Jan 1952.

Source: " News of Population and Birth Control, Jan. 1952, p. 1 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S72:652."

For another copy see Library of Congress Microfilm 145:2A.

To Our Friends

This is a most significant hour, important to our civilization, vital to unborn generations. One of the leading goals of our movement, a controlled population, is in sight. The International Planned Parenthood Committee is bombarded with requests for films, literature, supplies, information--everything to aid groups and individuals to organize educational campaigns to spur official action and raise funds for birth control centers. These voluntary groups are eager to pioneer, to enlighten their own citizens in the techniques of spacing pregnancies and controlling birth rates. They need help, encouragement, the assurance that they are not struggling in isolation. To that end we offer this modest monthly report. We want your cooperation, support, and news of activities everywhere.

Margaret Sanger

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