Margaret Sanger, "Happy Birthday," Jan 1954.

Source: " News of Population and Birth Control Jan. 1954, pp. 1 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S72:880."


This modest international monthly bulletin is two years old today. It has certainly lived up to its title. At the Third International Planned Parenthood Conference in Bombay friends, delegates and sponsors truly from "around the world" were enthusiastic and grateful for this regular source of news and names of persons active in population and planned parenthood work. Another joyous, thankful expression was for sending the News free of charge, which, owing to difficulties of exchange, would otherwise deprive friends and workers of this condensed yet "inspiring" monthly.

Small in volume, but "meaty" in content, our News is read from page to page with high interest and the growing conviction that one belongs to this world movement. An Indian reader has said it was like "a well-boiled and well-flavoured stew, pleasing to the palate and greatly appetizing." Another comment made time and time again at both the Bombay and Stockholm Conferences was that the bulletin "exuded" progress, confidence and enthusiasm.

We can all lift up our voices in thanks to Dorothy Brush, the editor, whose love for this work pulsates throughout each issue to all who read it. May the News continue to "increase and multiply" to the far ends of the world for years and years to come!

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