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Margaret Sanger, "Standards of Living," ca. 1945.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S73:232."

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If the people of the world ↑ USA ↓ will accept Asiatic level of living in order to keep the promises of our President well & good--a most noble sacrifice(??) But let us accept it consciously & know that not we alone but other Nations with our food standards must share our noble sentiments so that three billion of the Earth’s inhabitants may live on a survival quota.--

Perhaps this suggestion will arouse the our opponents’ curiosity let us see how willing they are to tighten their belts to see an ↑world↓ increased population decrease our own standards of living within the life time of those in this room.

In other words we ask a people with reserve & resources sufficient to yield a permanent basis for a healthy population to live joyfully & prosper to sacrifice that condition for themselves & their unborn children in exchange for a large recklessly concerned population of illiterate miserable, people constantly threatened by ↑large↓ families, malnutrition & ever increasing poverty.

USA & UN should have a Population & Eugenic Policy with two experts in the President’s Cabinet and policy established that there are certain eugenic qualifications for reproduction & definitely lay down the law--that these couples who cannot meet those qualifications must not reproduce.

Such qualifications & requirements for reproducing will make the children born symbols of honor to our civilization.--

Another suggestion I once made at a Social tea in the drawing room of Mrs. Mesta in Newport--when Mrs. Blank said she objected to BC because her lovely niece & brilliant nephew each had only one child while all the “riff raff” were having dozens--

I made the gentle suggestion to Mrs. Blank that perhaps her brilliant & lovely relatives were also endowed with natural qualities of Responsibility toward educating & rearing children they were not able financially to rear adequately-- Then I said suppose Mrs. Blank instead of your contributing large sums of money every year to the community chest to orphanages, Red Cross & other charities & Philanthropies but gave that total divided equally to your two relatives you might find they would be happy to launch a few more babes in this world if you agreed that the added offspring, maintenance was secured--

She said “That is a New Idea”-- while a few Medical Schools, a very few have classes & lectures on contraception. No college or university has a Population Department as they have departments of History department a or ↑Dept.↓ Mathematics etc. yet Population conditions pressure & rate of growth are the basis of today’s world miseries & problems & threaten to grow worse.

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