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Margaret Sanger, "Response to MY GANDHI by J. H. Holmes," 1936.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S71:880."

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My Gandhi by J. H. Holmes

The interesting story of ↑Mr. Holmes↓ meeting Gandhi is not only delightful in its details but gives one such a vivid picture of Mr. Holmes--No one could possibly believe, that one who has met over the years thousands & thousands of people from all stations & from all nations classes & casts confessed to have “missed the excitement of meeting great personalities because of my reluctance to grasp & seize for my own satisfaction some portion of their meager stores of time & strength.”

All through the book is this same humility of a great Soul--(as J H H certainly is) not only could he not venture or trespass on the time of Gandhi in person but was reluctant to take his time in reading his letters. I agree with Mr. Holmes in describing Gandhi--not as a King with the material personally & pageantry of a King--“For it was the Spirit not the flesh which clothed this man in more than majesty” How splendid that the author met some of Gandhis dearest friends Mirabehn Slade, Laurence Housman Sarojini Naidu, and others. Nehru Splendid too that thru his advice Gandhi did not come to America.

It was my good fortune to visit Gandhi for three days in 1936 at his ashram at Warda. I am forever grateful to Mr. Holmes for sending a letter to the Mahatma before my arrival telling him what I was in India to do.

Even tho Gandhi & I did not see eye to eye on methods to control the birth rate, our ideas on nearly every other subject clicked.

Just after reading My Gandhi--someone kindly sent me Vincent Sheean’s book on Gandhi.

There too one finds a modesty & humility in his approach--which it is good to know has feet by two outstanding Americans.

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