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Margaret Sanger, "Pennsylvania State Conference on Birth Control Speech Notes," 30 Jan 1922.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Sophia Smith Collections S70:0923."

Sanger gave this speech at a farewell luncheon at the First Pennsylvania birth control conference. She also gave another speech that day titled "Birth Control: Is it moral?," which may have been a version of "Morality of Birth Control," Nov. 18, 1921. After this event she left on her trip to Japan and China.

Before leaving for Japan

Phila Jan 30 22

Japanese officials 25--21 reported. B.C. movement

Two groups--old--young

Western Civilization invaded Japan

sanitation, hygiene, surgery, inventions--doubles population, 50 years--problems more complex

Natures ways no longer possible--famine & disease reduce population. Either emigration or b.c. or war of aggression.

Population about 60 million area of California--5/6 mountainous--

Increase 700,000 year.

Militarists want 100 million--to strike for territory natural rights--

Density of population 320 to sq mile 5/6 unproductive. But if calculated according to productive area it works out 2688 to a sq mile.

Eng--499 -- Belg 792, wholly tillable.

Solution-- Emigration like Germany--Ex pats etc.

[palliative?] only temporary relief--stimulates birth rate--increases faster by outlet.

American hoggishness & lands. 93 million more accommodated U.S.A.

Baroness Ishimoto, Clinics--

Japan pivot of International problem.

War in 25 years or B.C. today

Christianity has drawn us into world affairs. We are our brothers keeper.

We will in 200 years increase to 2,000 millions who shall inhabit our land--

Main essential question is one of understanding-- We can not go forward in peace & prosperity alone. No splendid isolation for us spiritually. We will have to go back & mark time until all nations emerge same point of understanding & join hands on the march to the brotherhood of man & human liberation.

Penn laws-- League--ABC. League--Membership--

Past year Japanese officials coming to U.S.A. reported interest in birth control in Tokio.

Department of Interior sent 25 repres around world.

Two groups in Japan-- Conservative old--young progressive.

Western civilization has invaded Japan by bringing our life saving clinics, sanitation, hygiene, Surgery, Charities, & philanthropy, rescuing sick, feeble & diseased making their problems more complex.

She can no longer resort to nature or cruel methods of reducing her population by disease & famine.

She has gone beyond that, as have we of the Western Countries-- We must reach out to Science to help us. That science is Birth Control.

Japan has a population of 56 million people with an area no larger than California half the population of the whole of USA. She has a survival rate or an increasing number of inhabitants to the number of 700,000 to 1 million a year.

This far exceeds that of any other country. The militarists want 100,000 million for Japan to become a world power.

For Japan to win more territory she must have the natural right--which is an expanding right for her growing population.

During the past 65 years Japans population has doubled--so have her problems. The density of population of 320 to a sq mile.

Relief by emigration--like Germany--experts education no return to government. Build up for war or B.C. today.

American hoggishness--younger element want b.c.

Baroness Ishimoto--

Pivot of future peace--pivot of international problem--

We are drawn into International affairs-- Whole world like child-- We can not go far forward alone-- International B.C. France--Germany U.S.A. 200 years 2,000 million.

Intelligence viz reproduction

Western Civilization invading Japan 70,000,000 with 700,000 each year large as California--depended upon nature, floods, fam. infant mortality--

Now hygiene & sanitation resources rescues inhabitants & makes problem of existence more complex

Every relief obtained by emigration stimulates the birth rate or survival rate & congestion sets in & the whole process is repeated

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