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Margaret Sanger, "Magnetation Methods of Birth Control, Closing Statement," 1 Aug 1915.

Source: " Magnetation Methods of Birth Control, Aug 1915, p. 16 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S70:758."

This letter was printed at the end of Magnetation Methods of Birth Control.

London, August 1, 1915.


In closing this series of pamphlets on "Methods of Birth Control," I wish to express my thanks to all those who have written me letters of encouragement and appreciation during the past several months, and also to those who have come to the aid of Mr. Sanger in the defence against his outrageous arrest by Anthony Comstock.

In the first issue of the Woman Rebel, I promised to give to my subscribers the information to prevent conception. Even though seven issues out of nine were suppressed and confiscated, and three indictments returned against me, I have succeeded in doing what I was determined to do, and what I was convinced was my duty to do if I was to call myself a woman.

I lay no claim to pioneering in the Birth Control movement in America. The industrial and economic conditions had done all the pioneering which was done in America, and especially among the working people; but as soon as I was convinced that the information to prevent conception was a necessity for woman's as well as man's emancipation, I set to work at once to do my part in giving it.

When any one man or woman knows the evils which the lack of this knowledge causes to society, and, knowing it, fails to give it because a criminal law forbids it, to me such a person is a coward, and should be branded as such. But as a real fact even doctors and nurses have known no other methods of prevention than the condom and withdrawal. The question has had very little discussion in medical circles. In my past year in America I have had many doctors confess their ignorance of other methods.

That the Academy of Medicine in New York City came out for Birth Control a few months ago gives hope for discussion on the subject, and perhaps for newer and better methods of Birth Control than are at present known in other countries. At least we know that an interest has been aroused in the subject, and if anything I have done has in any way contributed in arousing this great interest, I can only say that sacrifices, sufferings, worry, and misunderstandings of the past year recede into the background at the joy this thought gives me.

The question now comes to me as I finish this work, shall I return to America to take up the fight with the Government, or shall I remain in England and continue my work unmolested here? It has been difficult to decide, but the feeling within me is that my work is not done until I have the liberty of conducting a Birth Control clinic in New York City, just as free from Government interference as I can conduct one in London. This feeling has prompted me to return. I hope to establish a free clinic in the Lower East Side in New York, where poor women can come for advice and instruction concerning Birth Control.

Of course, this cannot be done until the indictments now pending against me are dismissed.

I call upon you all to help in this fight, one of the most important for woman's freedom ever waged. Mr. Sanger has been refused a jury trial, and his case comes up before three judges, who will in a few days decide his case.

One word more in closing. After the suspension of the Woman Rebel, all money orders which I received for subscriptions after December 1, 1914, were returned to sender. Kindly look into the matter if you have not received it, and let me know.

Again accept my thanks, and join hands with me in this fight for a free and intelligent humanity.

Fraternally, MARGARET H. SANGER. Address:--Free Speech League, 241 East 201st Street, New York City.

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