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Margaret Sanger, "Women of India Speech Notes," Nov 1935.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S71:0817."

Margaret Sanger wrote these notes on the letterhead of the Peninsular and Orient Steam Navigation Company (P.O.S.N. Co.), likely while on board the S.S. Viceroy of India in early November 1935.

The first need in woman's forward advance is to desire Freedom. That desire must come from within.

I refuse to ask her to be satisfied with her environment unless that environment is conducive to health for herself & her children.

I would not ask her to make peace with poverty, ignorance illiteracy, or Slavery no matter what ↑the↓ discipline such an attitude may impel.

Women of India like the women of the world will not be content with privileges for their sex. They will insist nay in truth demand Eq Rights of Equality not only Equal rights with their own countrymen but equal rights in that greater International country of the world.

Education for Indian girls machinery to take place of toil prepare the mind for that day.

Unity, harmony, love & service

Marriage age 16 girls

21 boys.

raise age of parenthood 20 23.

Indian women are demanding that their interest be safeguarded by representation enabling them to be associated in the administration of the provinces in departments of health, Education, Civic & Social interests & activities

1 Transmissible disease. 2 temporary diseases> gonnorhea 3 Children defective healthy parents 4 Space children. 5 Adolescent parents 6 fatigue working mothers 7 wages & standards 8 adjustment after marriage

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