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Margaret Sanger, "Ulster County Planned Parenthood League Speech," 1 Oct 1941.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections, S72:279 Parenthood Group Hears Mrs. Sanger, Kingston Daily Freeman, Oct. 3, 1941."

Sanger addressed the Ulster County Committee on Planned Parenthood at the Nurses Home of Kingston Hospital. She was introduced by Judge Charles de la Vergne and followed by Dr. Elizabeth Moore, who discussed local work done at the Kingston Maternal Health Clinic. Additional quotes were taken from news coverage.

Oct 1 1941

Victor Hugo--or Junior Story. There is no subject that has so large a practical significance which cuts so deeply--social evolution as Bc.

No other subject of equal importance--equal obscurity 20 years Bc keynote of a New Social awakening. It is not only a health economic expedient social principle interlocked with the advance of a civilization +amp; her nation's future.

Bc conscious control of birth rate prevent conception of life.

Prevent, control conscious.

Why--Three of every four essential factors in bringing a child into the worl. Mother's health, father's earning powers,standards of living +amp; heritage of body +amp; mind.

Children's Bureau--Surgeon Gen Dr Parran. 1937 60% babes born, increases 15.00 +amp; less 1938 50% babes born, increases 15.00 + less.

Larges families--poverty--illiteracy ignorance slum child labor--maternal deaths infant deaths, juvenile courts social problems. Small families spacing children 2 or 4 to develop potential talents civic leaders trade schools +amp; colleges personal but not social responsibility no quarrel with this group.

Before we attempt to increase from this group. Cut down on inmates of institutions feebleminded

Private Drs or refusal to Poor Mothers

Gallup Poll 77% American people wish to see Bc as part of Public Health Programs.

Dr Parran Report.

1,000,000 mothers gave birth +amp; no after care The babes born +amp; mother's struggle to survive 60,000 infants die in 2 [weeks?] 78,000 stillborn 150,000 mothers +amp; infants die each year 68% die needlessly 25% or 1/4 of mothers conditions known before pregnancy occurred.

Infant mortality is still high.

3 factors father wage-- spacing--2 to 3 years. place in family

1 year apart 149 per 1000 births 2 year apart 98 per 1000 births 3 year apart 86 per 1000 births

Dr Parran's report that 1/3 of our people are poorly clothed, housed, and fed. [[Just]?] the people who are kept in ignorance +amp; forced to bring children to birth regardless of circumstances.

Danger Spots Italy, Germany +amp; Japan

In a Democratic Society where the vote of one is as good as that of another it is a dangerous procedure to accept a way of life where the poorest, most ignorant +amp; diseased as well as the mentally +amp; socially unfit maintain +amp; increase the stock of the population.

Poverty +amp; ignorance seem ↑to be the factors to↓ stimulate a high birth rate. We can +amp; must abolish these factors as part of a Sound Population Policy.

Not only health but social +amp; political factors enter into this subject.

6,000,000 persons under 21 years of age are subnormal.

5,000,000 can not pass beyond the 4th grades in our public school.

Is America Safe for Democracy?

Who supports this army of people who are unfit to compete in the struggle for life!

Not only the monetary costs but the to cause alarm--but the keeping alive +amp; allowing the increase of this stratum of our population who contribute nothing +amp; only use up the energies +amp; resources of the world.

There are 7 conditions where birth control should be used. Qualified Drs to advise--best methods. 680 Clinics in U.S.A. Legal N.Y. State +amp; Federal. Public Health for poor. Kingston

USA Dept. of Agriculture

Pigs -- cows -- chickens -- USA [Arizona?] 18 acres. 1 head cattle. Increased 25 million in 20 years.

100 [acres?] 200 people bread 100 [acres?] 40 people milk 100 [acres?] 9 people meat

Cereals feed 90% people in the world.

3 acres to feed adult in USA.

132 million in USA 1940.

20 million unemployed up to the a few years ago.

9 million on relief.

Labor saving machinery will be a blessing to mankind if it goes hand in hand with a controlled birth rate.

Only labor power to sell.

Julian Huxley Bc will go down in the records of history as one of the greatest achievements of civilization--inventing of stone [one word illegible] licensing of electricity art of Printing Press.

Parenthood Group Hears Mrs. Sanger

The speaker said in part, "It had been said by an expert at the peace conference following the last World War that until a study and an attempt was made to control the quantity and quality of the population in regard to the natural resources of the world that there would be another war in 25 years. This prediction has come true. Until the density of population is solved in Germany, Japan,and Italy, they will always be potential danger spots. It is of little use to control armaments and not control population."

"This is of even greater consequence in America if democracy is to survive. When there are 21 million of the population of the United States who are subnormal and 5 million who are incapable of going beyond the 4th grade in school, but whose vote is as good as a college professors, there is a grave threat to democracy, since subnormal mentality can be transmitted."

She also said, "The loss in this country of one of the greatest wealths was tremendous: 150,000 mothers are lost every year, 60% unnecessarily and 25% needlessly because of their pre-natal condition was unknown. This is an irreparable loss and is the very weak spot in our otherwise splendid Public Health set-up. The shocking result of this weakness is on the shoulders of public officials. It is gradually being corrected and Planned Parenthood has already been made a part of the public health programs of three states: North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama."

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