Margaret Sanger, "Marriage During War: A Case Study," 1944.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S72:478."

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another case-- Perhaps the most tragic & one which may already be too late to help-- Fine young ↑age 29↓ woman mother of two children, husband known to be in prison captured in the Bataan Crash two years ago came for the first year & a half ↑after the news↓ this nerve taught girl was but a skeleton of her former self--pale, thin, restless (walking in her sleep) awakening ↑ hopefully ↓ only when news over the air came to give her hope of his safety & release-- Now this girl has fallen deeply in love with her husband’s friend--a man who also had been “over there” & learned how to be ruthless & to get what he wants--regardless. The picture is not difficult to paint. This girl like millions of others has not lived the same life--the same home, food, meals, friends all that has been lacking was the love & devoting of her husband to complete the cycle of her happiness along comes a sympathetic man who understands her heart ache who “clicks” in his reactions & before they know it-- There you are--some thing unforeseen or planned has occurred-- What to do? Wait--wait & keep on waiting for the husbands to return. That is all a sensible girl can do--she must be made to see that he is sacrificing his very life that he has already given up the ordinary things she takes for granted-- She too must just out of the decency of life be willing to forego a seeming happiness, which may turn bitter as gall thru the years to come-- When these children will ask “Mother [how?] why did you let my Daddy down”? Fortunately this girl has had a background which may in such a crisis bring out ↑the↓ loyalty & integrity so necessary to support her marriage (sons) until her husband returns--when men return there may be the old glamour--heroism, Romance to click again.

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