Margaret Sanger, "Toward Peace," no date.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm: Smith College Collections S73:241."

No published version was found. This may be a part of a longer article. Sanger likely wrote this in the early 1920s.

Germany is benefiting today by the efforts from scientific achievements & free experiments allowed & developed under the former system which allowed a the intelligence of her people free reign to seek truth & happiness without fear & imprisonment. The world war thrust upon us a new Internationalism. Ever since that historic & Sad event the world has been united not by Music, Art, Science & brotherly love, but by Fear. Fear of Invasion, of Starvation, & Uncertainty, Insecurity & another War. Various & Sunday groups offer Solutions for this woeful situation. The Politicians & political minded offer-- The League of Nations the first essential in solving any problem is to recognize the factors involved. One of the fundamentals factors which reflects these essential but ↑incomplete↓ phases of the problems is the factor of hunger & reproduction. Hunger is the driving force behind all our economic industrial & commercial organization. Limitation of armaments, Militaristic offer schemes of Competitive armaments. Marxians & Socialists offer The Third International Industrial Revolution & Equality of Distribution.

Theologists offer ↑love↓ charity, Philanthropy & good will. While Nations rearm, hatred & fear increases & these situations grow from bad to worse. Then there is the reproductive impulse in constant conflict with one Economic political & Social system-- All of which are at the mercy of changes thru the terrific rise in population.

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