Margaret Sanger, "Intelligence," n.d..

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S73:97."

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A world in which Franklins, Newtons, Shakespeares, Michael Angelos & Wagners are the mob.

Imagine what the real or higher geniuses would be. A marvelous thought!

An enchanting & Glorious possibility. A ↑sure↓ & great certainty we can make it come into realization. We have already begun.

We control our destiny through knowledge & Science. How shall we use this Power?

Knowledge is the abolition of fear.

Man is the only species on our globe (of the billions) to have risen to reason & language thus leaving the others so far behind that the kinship between them is forgotten by all but a few superior minds.

It takes great courage today for people who think to have children.

The tradition that Fear created the gods. Primitive man read the existence the Divinity in Plagues, famines rather than in blessings.

Priestly Power & Ecclesiasticism is still present in this day and people resent the effort on its part to rule conjugal life in the name of Deity.

All the ills and discords of humanity may be traced to one error--the indiscriminate and thoughtless use of life separated from intelligence. Some lives are like locomotives without an engineer.

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