Margaret Sanger, "Casa Grande Speech Notes," 3 Dec 1934.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S71:667."

Sanger spoke to two hundred at a gathering of woman's clubs in Casa Grande, AZ, including the Eloy Woman's Club, Entre Nous, the Florence Women's Club, the Desert Woman's Club, the Coolidge Junior Club, the Casa Grande Junior Club, and the Matinee Musicale Club. The program included poems, music and a social at which Sanger was presented with a "famous rattlesnake string of beads." No final version of the speech was found.

Casa Grande Speech Notes


There is no subject that has so large a practical significance

cuts so deeply into foundations

There is no other subject of equal importance left so long in equal obscurity.

Darwin 25 years for an idea

Anglican Bishops Lambeth

British Medical Association

Ministry of Health

House of Lords

Federal Council of Churches

National Rabbis Association

Academy of Medicine New York City

Obstetrical and Abdominal Division

and nearly 200 County Medical Societies

150 Birth Control Clinics established

Birth Control indicates is keynote new social and moral awakening

not only health and economic expedient

Social principle interlocked spiritual advance of nation and the race

Birth control conscious culture--prevent

prevent not destroy

control not limit

conscious control deliberate intentional

choice instead of chance

positive instead of negative control

Why control birth rate?

Two problems confront one civilization

1 Pressure of population on social system

2 Reconciling humanitarian efforts with race improvements

William Starr Myers. 85 20 (105)

Professor Ross 150,000 babies born every day

100,000 babies die every day


White House Conference--10 million handicapped children

6 million undernourished

250,000 cared for in institutes

applications for three times that many

7 Reasons--3 Methods


Sir Arthur Keith anthropologist enfolding in America greatest experiment in race building the world has ever seen. Birth Control foundation [one word illegible]

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