Margaret Sanger, "New Jersey Birth Control League Speech Notes," 25 Mar 1935.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith Collection Collections S71:727."

Sanger spoke to the Central New Jersey Council of the New Jersey Birth Control League in Trenton on Mar. 25, 1935.

Trenton 35

Federal laws--62 years ago Sec 211, 245: 5 years $5000. Where--Clinics 162.

Caused deaths of 15,000,000 children. We have paid--Women paying.

Fed Reserve Board Industrial Production.

Nat Emergency Council 10,830,000 unemployed.

FERA. 22,375,000 persons on Relief 4000000 families.

Costs 3,207,00,000 a year.

Birth rates 60% higher in families unemployed. Who will take care. Recovery has been largely attained & we still have nearly 11,000,000 unemployed. Then we find ourselves ↑confronted↓ with far greater problems than turning our Set of politicians out of office & voting another set in.

On March 10/1935 NY Times carried a headline--$58 a Second cost of relief in Nation. 22,375,000 persons now on relief rolls & trend continues to be upward. Federal Reserve Board announced on Feb 26 1935 that industrial production in USA rose in January rose to 90% of the 1923-25 average. This is within a close range of what it generally regarded as normal production. In the same papers the National Emergency Council announced that the number of unemployed in December was 10,380,000. What do these two reports mean?

If we have Industrial Stand up ↑now↓ & Fight. Your future is at Stake.

Pension the incompetents who agree to voluntary Sterilization! Money well spent.

Build tho beyond thyself sound & wholesome of body & soul. Bc will build beyond itself. A Finer civilization in America

Study made by Prof Bossard Univ of Penn.

Families on relief have a birth rate of 60% higher than other families living in the Same ↑Economic↓ scale but not accepting public relief aid.

Unemployed unskilled have the highest 234 birth rates.

Unemployed skilled 188 salaried workers.

Oct 1934-- 1,612891 new babies arrived in families on relief during the year.

Something wrong.

Recovery & 11 millions unemployed 22 million on relief.

Let us dismiss from our mind that the vast extent of unemployment temporary.

Machinery & invention for production thru makes human labor less needed.

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