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Margaret Sanger, "The Truth about Birth Control," 1935.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S71:0809."

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The Truth about Bc

No subject that has so large

No other subject of Social & Natural ↑National↓ importance.


1- BC is Not Abortion. Control. prevent. Conscious. 2. Fed & State laws still class BC with abortion Medical Colleges, Universities Depts of biology, genetics & zoology. Sec 211, 245, 312. 3. After 62 years these laws are still in Statue books!!! Unchallenged (& Unchanged) Drs in Senate. Women as representatives laws still remain. 4 In spite of these laws 5000 fine. 5 years prison. 162 birth Control Clinics “Speakeasies “are operating legally in the various States!! Speakeasies, bootleg their supplies. 5. In spite of laws--commercial forms advertise their contraception products Salesmen & Saleswomen peddle there products to ignorant & innocent women from door to door. These have “increased & multiplied” over 100%. No checks, no control no investigation as to quality or efficaciousness. If you know what to ask for you are able to get it at the price. 6. Hospitals, Clinics public health agencies & institution however to obtain these products in violation of Fed laws. Consequently poorest women are unable to obtain material or information & must have babies or abortions. 7. P. Farley is not a Doctor He is not a ↑Federal↓ Judge. Yet he has decreed that one kind of BC information is legal. Any book or pamphlet or newspapers carrying advertisements of these books or pamphlet written with “Ecclesiastical approval” those with Scientific or Medical approval are not exempt. except as boot leg products. 8. Farley’s bill to tighten up the law on all other information which does not have “Ecclesiastical Approval” 9. The books allowed exempt from the US Mails on those giving information as to the so called “Safe Period” Calenders are displayed & dates worked out Meticulously. Congratulate the R. C. Church in the faith they have placed in the ↑morals of↓ youth of the world, in scattering this book about so promiscuously for Sale 10/ There is no Safe Period definitely Safe for all women 11/ That period where conception does not take place is likely to be the period where sex union should not take place. Sex tide is low all contact should be avoided. flattened her curve of sex desire, causing indifference & frigidity 12/ Present methods are most relied upon chemical & Mechanical. 97% Safe. 3% should hit did not technical failures. 15% human failures 13/ Contraception recommended by persons qualified to instruct & adjusted to individual requirements are conducive to better health in the woman better care of children & lessening infant mortality when children are spaced. Less nervous tension between husbands & wives. Fewer divorces in homes where sex fears and neurosis cause a maladjusted marriage. Less infant & Material mortality. fewer abortions. More children born into the home when parents are able to plan for their arrival & welfare.

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