Margaret Sanger, "The Need for Birth Control in America speech notes," 2 Dec 1924.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm, Smith College Collections S70:1054."

Sanger delivered a speech based on these notes at Edwards Hall in the Yale University Divinity School. For a later version see, "The Necessity of Birth Control," Dec. 19, 1928. The list of books at the end was typed on the last page.

Victor Hugo: There is no force in the world like that of an idea whose hour has come.

a. Pressure of populations upon food supply. b. Reconciling} humanitarian Democracy Christianity} with race improvement

What is bc?

B.C. is the conscious control of the birth rate by Scientific means that prevent ↑the↓ conception of human life.

History supports fact that ↑nature ruthless↓ pestilence, [floods?] , crime war always operated to [settle?] population.

Barbarism, Savagery, Early [civilization?] , killed off old, ↑infants↓ .

Plato, Aristotle Seneca.

Middle ages to end of 18 Century.

Knowledge & practice of BC will end need for abortion ↑foeticide↓ .


Two classes--

Paris--23--116 Berlin--57--147 London--60-200

1 [two words illegible]

2 slums, child labor.

Charities 8 Billions--

↑ Wells statement-- Intelligence slow [growth?] ↓ Disease, Defectives. Delinquents. Dependents..

Regulation useless-- Infant mortality 200,000 400,000 parents ignorant} too close, frequent pregnancy interrupted drugs--

Maternal mortality 20,000, mother-- tb. kidney 4 out of 7 die tb.


Dr. Myers Statement

Jukes & Kallikaks--

Insane-- parole--

Child labor--older children pushed out to compete.

Society for Prevention of Cruelty.

If register for parents ↑child↓ to choose parents}

health certificate wages--table [plans?] -- chimney sweep talent [carpenter?] genius [one word illegible]

Immigration laws--keep out undesired types.

International problem England's colonies, Japan-- USA China, [one word illegible]

When B C should be practiced 7 reasons--

Three methods-- Continence Sterilization Chemical & mechanical


Clinics--3000 cases


Gentlemen of the new generation.

Throw off blinders of prejudice & ignorance which has kept motherhood in bondage. Have we not paid enough for this.

W. R. Inge, Outspoken Essays, first and second series. E. M. East, Mankind at the Crossroads. Harold Cox, The Problem of Population. H. G. Wells, Introduction to Margaret Sanger's Pivot of Civilization. Dawson of Penn, Married Love. Address to the Bishops at Lambeth Conference, published in this country by the American Birth Control League. William MacDougal, Is America Safe for Democracy?. Crookshank, The Mongol in Our Midst.

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