Margaret Sanger, "Milwaukee Open Forum Speech Notes," 6 Nov 1923.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection,Smith College Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S70:1023."

Nov 6--1923

Victor Hugo says "There is no force in the world like that of an idea whose hour has come."

B.C has come to solve mothers ↑conflict↓ . Intelligence viz reproduction} all lower species as they ascend scale evolution & become more intelligent. Cease to reproduce so abundantly.

Responsible parenthood sign of intelligence.

Excessive Races could not wait so infanticide & abortion prevailed Savagery, Barbarism & Early Civilization.

Sutherlands remarks on origin & growth of Moral Instinct. Read ↑Well to do few children.↓ This for the biological aspect! Now for the racial, Social & Individual.

ConflictPopulation ↑reproduction↓ viz subsistence} Malthus theory constant pressure of population against means--subsistence.

population 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64

food 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Malthus lived in a world with no telephone, telegraph, locomotive, steam boats or motor cars could not foresee improvements--nor doubled population birth rate has lowered--population increased.

50% interest on $1000 Small population U.S.A.


2% on 1,000,000 old countries overcrowded Canada} China, India

Whole world overcrowded double population last century} intelligence social & economic systems equipment, houses, schools, poverty, ignorance, slums disease, wars.

Malthus advocated late marriage & continence. B.C. Organization advocate early marriage & knowledge conscious control birth rate--not abortion nor infanticide.

Individual problem--} health economic racial

4 critical stages adult life

1 adolescent--14-22--building, strong, energizing ↑money in bank↓ 2 marriage, love life--adjustment, magnetizing, [understanding?] 3 motherhood, child life, sympathetic-- 4 menopause reflective, spiritualizing--

B.C. will help adolescent live clean lives, early marriage.

Married life} love life, 2 years, play, read, cultural-- Child life--conceived love, space babies, 4 children. B.C. pivot married happiness

Causes for unhappiness in marriage} health or disease--maturity flirt, giddy.

Too early pregnancy, too frequent pregnancy, fear of pregnancy}

Mans ignorance in art of love}

woman's nature & eccentricities.

pregnancy & disturbing influences, anxiety, sex curves, frigidity--

Orangutang & a violin. meeting for men only

Mans nature simple & direct woman's complex. Clinics to help

When not to have children. 3 kinds of B.C.} continence sterilization mechanical contraceptives.

Epicurus said of Athens "The spring time went out of her year."

58,432 letters, what do they ask? Church, Society, Science no place for her. Push her into [mire?] .

Della's story Chicago men helped.

Can b.c help these women} Chicago case high grade imbecile.

Western States Clinics-- Federal law Chicago, Denver, Holland, Mexico China, England Vienna ↑ Iowa [Dallas?] ↓

Womens enslavement} upon fruits of her womb has all been founded--} armies navies kingdoms oligarchies, democracies--

She has made life cheap. Children by chance--now by choice, perfect bodies--beautiful as can be made. Temples of the Soul and a perfect instrument for its use during its journey throughout ↑its various↓ stages ↑vicissitudes↓ of material existence. ↑development↓

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