Margaret Sanger, "Church and Birth Control," 15 Mar 1925.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S73:0036."

No final version has been found. For an earlier draft version see Margaret Sanger Microfilm S71:19.


To those who claim that the concern of the church is not for those on earth so much as filling heaven with souls.--

That it is man’s duty to create souls for heaven that they may have the possibility of everlasting life.

They state boldly and openly that abortion is better than contraception. That a monstrous birth is better than no birth; that they are not concerned with the quality of lives or souls--but only with numbers--quantity.

The same church which advocates this barbarous, uncivilized, revolting theory, is most careful that its own select men and women--(priests and nuns) take no part in performing this task. What inconsistency! What cruelty to impose upon weaker, more ignorant and gullible minds; duties and obligations that the officials and stronger members of the organization will not do.

“Be fruitful and multiply” calls for populations--large and overpowering, indiscriminate populations, with all their concomitant results. (China and India examples)

Those who advocate this procedure should be consistent and logical. In order to obey this injunction, then one should advance means and methods whereby the injunction is fulfilled.

Polygamy, illegitimacy, promiscuity--

Do they dare stand for these methods of multiplication?

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