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Margaret Sanger, "Research Progress Notes," 09 Oct 1952.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S72:718."

These draft speech notes, written on the letterhead of the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, were likely written on Oct. 9, when Sanger stopped there en route to Japan. No final version has been found. These notes appear to be incomplete.

Today the far sighted, seriously Patriotic leaders in all countries where people are allowed the freedom to think--these people are concerned with the increase of population & the problems arising from too fast an increase--its spacing in a family for the mother’s health--for the father’s income & the standards of education & culture to be maintained. The same should appear aroused action for mothers & children were our concern their health--reduced, death rates

Every mother--population pressure was in 1922 not considered of immediate concern or problems. Then the Japanese population was 60 million. There has been a war. Millions killed, injured, made useless--yet population 1951, 84 million


better health

Today there are problems of our dream come true--scientists have been working on a method to minimize a woman against pregnancy just as medical science has discovered measures to minimize men & women against--

Research Progress

One of the most potent barriers to the advancement of our movement-- B.C. or Planned Parenthood was the lack of simple, cheap, safe, harmless contraceptives--the only methods to help women were such that to be 100% safe the woman needed physician’s knowledge of anatomy to help her--the instruction was as important as having glasses properly fitted for the eyes --

The methods used in Europe & USA have been under the supervising of medical practitioners. The so called diaphragm closing off the cervix from the possibility of the entrance of the sperm. This is sound procedure and the hundreds of thousands of women in NY have used this method for years successfully. 150000 women in the MS Bureau--abortions have been reduced--examinations has helped women to

to a community & to a country--a slow increase of the birth rate to assure every child have--health, food, education, play grounds--schools & proper teaching, arts--sciences and a place in the world for every child--to progress--to advance-- to belong--to help remake a new civilization of peace through the attainments of cultural arts & sciences.

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