Margaret Sanger, "Book Review of PREGNANT WOMAN IN A LEAN AGE," Sept 1931.

Source: " Birth Control Review, Sept. 1931, p. 261 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S71:228."

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PREGNANT WOMAN IN A LEAN AGE by Ralph Cheyney, William Faro, Inc. New York. 1931. $2.00.

In the hands of the most enlightened, both science and poetry are invaluable tools in freeing humanity from bondage. It is to the scientists that we are indebted for the new realization of the sexual impulse as the basis of altruism, the realization of the physiological and psychic value of its joyful fulfillment, and the appreciation of the social responsibility which accompanies this fulfillment. But to make this knowledge operative by bringing it home to the heart as well as mind is particularly a poet’s opportunity for service--an opportunity brilliantly followed by Ralph Cheyney.

One of the first masculine poets to write on the feminine side, Ralph Cheyney presents no worship of sex per se but a reverent attitude toward sex as an experience valuable in itself and of vastly more vital significance in its consequences. Throughout Pregnant Woman in a Lean Age , he expresses such realizations as that of Havelock Ellis when he wrote of “the sacrament of sex.” In so doing, Ralph Cheyney performs a vital service.

Margaret Sanger

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